Jul 15, 2009

Public Displays of Affection Causing Problems

Is it a cluster? In the last week, we've seen two stories in quick succession about same-sex kisses causing a fuss in public places. First, at Chico's Tacos in El Paso, Texas (where a recent violent police raid on a gay bar in Forth Worth also merited a lot of attention), two gay men and their friends were ousted from the restaurant by a security guard after one kissed the other while they stood in line to order their food.

Next, two gay men were detained by a security guard and then cited by police for trespassing in Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City, Utah, after one man kissed the other on the cheek. The Plaza is the property of the Mormon Church and the church claimed they were merely keeping the couple from engaging in "inappropriate behavior" on church property and that they would have done the same to any couple. Funny, that's about the same thing Chico's said -- the couple wasn't singled out for being gay, because they would have kicked out a heterosexual couple engaging in public displays of affection, too.

In Salt Lake City, dozens of straight and gay couples staged a "kiss-in" this week at the same Plaza to protest the Church's actions.