Oct 02, 2008

Transgender Veteran Wins Suit Against Library of Congress

In a landmark victory for transgender rights, Diane Schroer won her lawsuit against the Library of Congress for sex discrimination last month. Schroer, a former Army commander with action-hero credentials and precisely the experience needed for the job was offered a position as a senior terrorism research analyst at the Library of Congress. Then presenting as a man named David, Schroer went to lunch with her future boss and outlined her plans to finish her gender transition and her intention to present as female when she began working at the Library of Congress.

The next day, she received a call rescinding the job offer. She filed suit, and on September 19 a federal judge ruled that the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in employment, Title VII, applies to transgendered people, and that discrimination on the basis of gender identity is sex discrimination. The ACLU, which represented Schroer, has a case summary and legal documents, including a link to the judge's opinion, on its website. The decision is the first to hold that gender identity is covered under Title VII, and thus is a giant step forward for transgender rights.

See a video of Diane Schroer telling her own story here.

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