Oct 15, 2008

Gender Transition Means Less Pay for MTFs


In case you were wondering whether the pay gap between men and women that still exists in this country is a result of (a) women choosing lower-paying, more flexible jobs so that they can care for children, or (b) flat-out sex discrimination, an interesting new study indicates that it's the latter.

The "first systematic analysis of the experiences of transgender people in the labor force," according to a Time magazine article, has shown that female to male transsexuals earn more as men than they did as women, and -- guess what -- vice versa. All the participants were adults with established careers, and although some changed employers when they transitioned and some didn't, and some were out to their employers and some weren't, the pattern was clear: MTFs lost 32% of their earning power after transitioning.

It's nice to have a clear answer, isn't it? Maybe now we can do something about it.

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